The 29th Hunger Games comes to a close…

So another Reaping the Benefit is in the books. We had a great games! Rabid rodents, komodo Dragons, bears, bulls, and even a kraken! We’ll be working on posting highlights over the next couple weeks. We raised a total of $343.00 for Charity: Water. $313 went through our site and $30 was donated directly to Charity: Water. After Paypal fees $297.25 transferred to Charity: Water from our Paypal to them.

Thanks for your help everyone on making this a success!!!
- Jeff

7 down 16 to go! $218 raised!

After day 1 we have lost all of our Careers!!! It was bloody this year with 7 tributes dying in the initial bloodbath! So far we’ve gotten $218 in donations for Charity: Water! I would like to thank everyone so much for their donations and time! Donations have made a huge impact this year! Players have received a few weapons and much needed water from your support. Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for the epic conclusion!!!