A new record!

We at Reaping the Benefit would love to thank all those who donated during our most recent Hunger Games! We have a new record of $395 in donations to beat next year! Below are the images of both what we made and the donations to Charity: Water! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!!!



And our Victor is…

Our Victor is Glory Valentine!!!

With the 30th Annual Hunger Games at an end the last one alive at the end is Glory Valentine! Having killed a total of 7 tributes herself her sponsors helped carry her to Victory! Congratulations to Glory!!!

Bloodiest day one yet!!!

Day one is now on the books! At the end of day one we have 17 dead Tributes including one of our players Chris Strape from District 12 who was slain at the hands of the darling deadly ladies Glory Valentine (D2) and Teodora O’Brian (D4). Richard from District 3 is alive and hiding in a house from some dogs, Alan from District 9 is exploring a strange house. Dare from District 12 is currently bunkered down for the night in some ruins and finally Wisp from District 1 is sleeping up in a tree… What dangers will come to our tributes tomorrow???